Our History

A Family Affair:

Vintners from father to son for 6 generations; the Castor family is an example of continuity and tradition.

From its modest size in the past, the estate has developed considerably since 1970.  Indeed, Gérard Castor (5th generation) takes over the estate of 7 hectares (17 acres) in 1970.  During this time there is a large increase in demand, and Gérard, a young vintner, starts to rent and plant new vines.

In the early 90’s he is at the head of an estate of around 90 hectares (220 acres) and produces around 4000 hectoliters (105 600 gallons).

At this time the mindset is changing.  In fact, there is a move away from “high production” to “high quality”; quality becomes the prime objective.

It now becomes essential to work on the image of the estate; subsequently a personalized bottle is created with the name and symbol of Vignobles Saint Nabor engraved into it. A graphic designer is given the task to create the sophisticated labels that are still being used today.

It is at this time that the Château Saint Nabor creates a partnership with the supermarket brand “Intermarché”.  In this way the wines are distributed all over France and this is still being done today.

The prosperous period of the Côtes du Rhone Wines continues and in 1999 Gérard Castor acquires an estate situated in Saint Michel d’Euzet; the Domaine des Santonilles was born. The areas in production reach 140 hectares of vines (345 acres).   The size will change slightly up until today.

Gérard Castor has two sons, Jérémie and Raphaël.

Jérémie followed a training specialized in the world of vines and wines; he got his National Qualification, option Wines and Spirits Marketing, then a Higher National Diploma, option Viticulture and Oenology and finally a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management.  After his studies he worked in a winery in California where he gained new experiences, knowledge and became fluent in English.

Raphaël is also in the wine industry.  He obtained his National Qualification, his Higher National Diploma specialized in Viticulture and Oenology and a Bachelor’s Degree specialized in Oenotoursim (tourism around the wines and estates).

Since Jérémie came back from California he is working in the family estate; joined by his brother after he completed his Bachelor’s Degree.

Jérémie and Raphaël are the 6th generation of vintners in the Castor Family. They became partners with their father in 2011. It will be up to them to manage the Château Saint Nabor in the near future.

The tradition of the Castor Family is more than ever perpetuated.

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